„He who has a why to live for can bear almost any how.”

(Friedrich Nietzsche)

Work-in-joy coachings help awaken, rediscover or increase the inherent joy in our work. The purpose is to recognize why I do what I do and how I can reshape my work and my working environment so that I feel fully alive in it.

We can ask ourselves some or all of the following questions: What motivates me? What gives me a sense of purpose? How can I organise my daily work and my working environment in a way that it is fulfilling for me? What do I need in order to go home with a feeling of satisfaction after work? What really matters to me? Which values count for me the most and how can I align my work accordingly?

We assume that all the answers are already within us – and can be discovered via the right questions. The objectives are a better understanding of ourselves and, at the same time, real impact, mostly in the form of specific objectives associated with behavioural change.


Work-in-Joy Coaching

In a coaching session we dedicate 60 or 90 minutes solely to your concerns. The process is based on mindfulness in the sense of a non-judgmental presence, and empathy. We may also use tools such as breath exercises, short meditations, physical exercises, elements from NLP, role plays, constellations etc. Coaching sessions can be held on-line or in person (office Vielfarben, Löwengasse 38, 1030 Vienna). You can request an appointment here. Prices for individuals (company prices on request):

  • Introductory session (up to 30 minutes): free of charge
  • 60 minutes: 90 EUR
  • 90 minutes: 120 EUR
  • 120 minutes: 150 EUR
  • Small bundle of 5 (5 units of 60 minutes): 400 EUR
  • Big bundle of 5 (5 units of 90 minutes): 500 EUR

“Money should never be the obstacle.” Discounts available upon request.


“Simply amazing!”

– Michael Rothe, Founder and Partner at Consult Colors (

Lisa has done an amazing work with my team at a time when my company was expanding. It was a stressful period for all, and she successfully helped us go through the transition very smoothly and in high spirits.

– Vincent Kienzler, Managing Director, Green Bio Energy (

„I have experienced Lisa Peterlechner as an empathic and methodologically versatile coach who manages to confidently get to the point within the given timeframe. In every moment during the coaching session, I felt seen, safe and well understood. A session with Lisa is a real pleasure I can only recommand.”

– Luise Ogrisek, Lumao (

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