Our offer is aimed at individuals, companies and organisations that want themselves or their co-workers to be happy and real at work.

  • It is for you who wants a better work-life-quality: you want to experience more purpose in your work, you want to take more responsibility, you want to stay self-connected when at work, you want to have positive relationships with your colleagues and customers, you want to feel alive and inspired after a working day rather than tired and exhausted.
  • It is for you who is in a management position and wishes that your employees enjoy coming to work, have a respectful attitude towards one another, work well together, are motivated, focused and innovative. You know that your employees are your most valuable asset and you are willing to invest in them.
  • It is especially for you who works in an international or multicultural environment.

We want everyone to benefit from our offer and do not want cost to be a discriminatory factor. Therefore, special conditions are available for NGOs, start-ups, social enterprises and non-profit associations. 


  • Vincent Kienzler

    Managing Director, Green Bio Energy

    “Lisa has done an amazing work with my team at a time when my company was expending. It was a stressful period for all, and she successfully helped us go through the transition very smoothly and in high spirits.”

  • Raoul Kopacka

    Former Project Coordinator, Refugees Welcome Austria

    “Thanks again for everything! It has definitely made us come closer together and progress as a team.” (original quote in German)

  • Ines Fordinal

    “Lisa’s enthusiasm in presenting the topic of Nonviolent Communication makes you wanna get more!” (original quote in German)

  • Michael Rothe

    Founder and Partner, Consult Colours

    “Simply amazing!”

  • Neva Pirc

    Civil Action Network

    “Lisa’s NVC workshop was very powerful and really fulfilling for my team. With her understanding, warmth and perfect-going pace, Lisa really made it a great experience for us and I can highly recommend it to any individual or group of people!”

  • Luise Ogrisek

    „I have experienced Lisa Peterlechner as an empathic and methodologically versatile coach who manages to confidently get to the point within the given timeframe. In every moment during the coaching session, I felt seen, safe and well understood. A session with Lisa is a real pleasure I can only recommand.” (original quote in German)
  • Peter Kofler

    "Code Cop", Trainer
    “Lisa helped me to incorporate Non Violent Communication into my daily work. With empathy I am able to give space to my clients’ feelings, understand their needs and connect with them more deeply. All this allows me to support them in better ways.”
  • Simone Ungersböck

    Head of Office in the local office in Albania, Austrian Development Agency

    “Very inspiring! I would right away participate in another training by Lisa.” (original quote in German)

  • Nina Hesse

    “The two facilitators presented these exciting and inspiring inputs with lots of energy – thanks for this great training!” (original quote in German)

We are happy you are here!
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