“If there is any one secret of success, it lies in the ability to get the other person’s point of view and see things from that person’s angle as well as from your own.”

(Henry Ford)

Positive communication at the workplace is a training offer for companies, organisations and individuals who wish to communicate in a way that creates and maintains connection – even in challenging situations. Based on the clearly structured process and life-affirming attitude of Nonviolent Communication (NVC) you will learn to:

  • Recognize and understand your own patterns of communication
  • Express your concerns without provoking resistance from your counterpart
  • Empathize with the concerns of your counterpart without necessarily agreeing to them
  • Find solutions to conflicts that benefit everyone involved

The results are respectful and authentic interactions at eye level.

Content and Methods

Typical content for trainings on positive communication at the workplace include:

  • The 4-step model of Nonviolent Communication
  • Creating connections through self-empathy, self-expression and empathy for others
  • Expressing appreciation in a way that it can be received well
  • Saying no without abandoning the relationship
  • Constructive ways of dealing with “mistakes”

All workshops and trainings are practice-oriented with short theoretical inputs, individual exercises or exercises in small groups, role plays as well as panel discussions. It is possible to work with examples from your own work life. The approach is relaxed and joyful.


Employee Trainings

For companies and organisations of all kinds, we offer tailor-made in-house trainings on positive communication at the workplace ranging from a half-day to two days in length as well as continuing practise-groups. All trainings can be held in-person or online. Content and formats will be adapted to the respective needs, challenges and resources as assessed during an initial meeting.

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Special: Positive communication in development cooperation

Thanks to our many years of working experience in development cooperation, we offer specific trainings on positive communication in development cooperation. The trainings are specifically tailored to the challenges encountered in development cooperation and can be offered in German, English or French in Europe or abroad.

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Individual Training

– online or in person –

In individual trainings we work 1:1 on a topic or scenario of your choice.

  • Benefit: We work together on your individual situation while you simultaneously practice the application of Nonviolent Communication methods. We are also happy to answer all technical and procedural questions during our time together.
  • Costs: 1,5 hours for 120 EUR
  • Who: For everyone with an interest in Nonviolent Communication and some prior experience in that area.
  • Where: Individual trainings can be done online or in our coaching room at Löwengasse 38, 1030 Vienna.

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“Very inspiring! I would right away participate in another training by Lisa.”

– Simone Ungersböck, Head of Office in the local office in Albania, Austrian Development Agency

„Lisa’s NVC workshop was very powerful and really fulfilling for my team. The NVC approach really changed my awareness of how powerful words are and enabled me to understand myself and others better. With her understanding, warmth and perfect-going pace, Lisa really made it a great experience for us and I can definitely say that my team and I all remember it with great satisfaction. I can highly recommend it to any individual or group of people!”

– Neva Pirc, Civil Action Network

“Lisa helped me to incorporate Non Violent Communication into my daily work. With empathy I am able to give space to my clients’ feelings, understand their needs and connect with them more deeply. All this allows me to support them in better ways.”

– Peter Kofler, “Code Cop”, Trainer (https://www.code-cop.org/)

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